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What do graduates say - long after they've graduated?:

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After a complete shift in pedagogy:

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What Does Mark Data Say?

The following is a study of 1,200 student results from 2002-2011

Some conclusions
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The longer you teach, the higher your medians and the lower your failures


The less you evaluate, the higher your class medians and the lower your failures


The higher a student self-rates for learning skills, the higher their mark

Technology makes responsive teaching easier: the relationship above and student self-assessments can be compiled and viewed with virtually no additional work by a teacher. The graph at right is sample of the output.


The final 30% has little effect on a term mark.

There's a 50/50 chance of rasing or lowering one's mark with the final 30%. 55% of students move by less than 2%.

The weaker the student, the greater the impact.





Jeff Boulton's Philosophy of Education, as explained by:


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Jeff Boulton's Philosophy of Mathematics Education